Friday, June 17, 2011

Summertime, and the sun just came out.

I finished spring semester in early May. My only school kid was done the Friday before Memorial Day. I had a summer schedule all written up for us. It looks like this:

5 am

Mom wakes up and runs


Mom reads her scriptures


Kids wake up, breakfast, clean up, chores


Scripture time and school skills


Work and play outside




Lunch, storytime


Kids nap and rest while Mom writes





Kids play while Mom starts dinner





Night-time tidy, bath, jammies, bedtime stuff


Kids go to bed

You can guess, based on the laws of probability, your personal knowledge of my habits, or the fact that I have yet to post a blog just how many times we have followed the schedule. I have not gotten up the run even one time. Go me. In my defense, evidently the phrase was changed from “global warming” to “global climate change” for a reason—it’s frickin’ freezing here! Remember my Idaho Cold Weather Advisory? You may recall that Level One gets only a “Brr” as it is still 25-30°, and “only bad in November?” I’m going to have to amend that to, “also infuriating in June.” True, it has been warmer than that in the mornings, but not much. Let’s see how motivated you feel to crawl out of bed in the dark when it’s only 35° outside and you know it’s June and it should be at least ten degrees warmer than that! Realize as well that I am not a natural athlete and it’s a recipe for disaster.

As for the rest, well, we did do school work for a while, but haven’t at all this week. I’ll start again on Monday. There has been no arts or crafts because I just recently figured out how to have a marginally clean house like all the regular people and I can’t bear to have it all messed up. Outside play is not going well, because it seems my area has decided to take its assignation to the “Pacific Northwest” seriously and start raining incessantly. We average 1.5 inches of rain in May. This year we’ve had 2.54 inches, and June has been worse, I’m sure. We are all rapidly developing Vitamin D deficiencies. So, once it stops raining maybe we’ll do arts and crafts outside.

The kids are doing really well with chores, as am I. We have the kind of house that when my very tidy sister-in-law called on Sunday to say she was in town and dropping by in twenty minutes, I did not freak out. I am 32 and I am finally a reasonably responsible adult. Go me!

This post serves a few important functions:

1. 1. Now you all know what I’m trying to accomplish, and can maybe hold me a little accountable.

2. 2.I get to complain about the *&#$@*(&&^% weather.

3. 3.I DID write today. HA!

I promise to try harder to write and be, you know, the writer I hope to be someday. Because that’s what writers do. They write (duh).

How are your summer plans going?